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Truck fines can be avoided. Know the truck routes, inspect your vehicles, and make sure that your insurance, registration, and tax stickers are current.

Do not take chances on guessing whether your vehicle is over-weight without a permit or exceeds the registration weight.

The Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority strictly enforces the rules.

The NYPD has a truck enforcement unit that also enforces the rules.

Common fines include the following (this is only a partial list):

Uncovered load
Unsecured load ( a very serious offense )
No Motor Vehicle Tax Sticker
(see www.nyc.gov/html/dof/business/business_tax_cmvt.shtml)
Over Weight without a permit
Over Length without a permit
No fire extinguisher
No daily inspection
Off Truck Route
No DOT number on the side of the vehicle
No escort vehicle
No red flag
Various Equipment violations (example, brakes, lights, mud flaps)
Diesel emission - smoke

If you wish to make an appointment to have your equipment inspected, please call 516-239-3090 and you will be contacted by an independent company in Suffolk County Specializing in truck compliance. Please provide the following information:
Company Name:

Phone Number:

Your name:

County where your fleet is located:

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