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Most likely you are visiting this website because you were issued a summons to appear in Court.

What to do?

Look carefully at the ticket and look for the date you are to appear in Court and the location of the Court

for example: May 10, 346 Broadway, 9:30 am (Manhattan)

you can check the Court System Computer to confirm the date at nycourts.gov (see instruction on the bottom left of the home page of this website.)

You must appear in Court that day. If you do not appear, you will be considered in default and if the ticket was issued to an individual, an arrest warrant will be issued.

Consequences: if an arrest warrant is outstanding, and if the police pull you over for an alleged traffic violation or run your plates through a "plate scan" you will most likely be arrested. This will become incredibly expensive and time consuming and is completely avoidable. You will also need an attorney to go to Court and ask the Court to vacate the default or pay the outstanding fine.

What if I cannot appear on that date?
You must take responsibilty by either going to the Clerk's office in person and informing them of the problem in advance of the Court date, or hire an attorney and discuss your options. Waiting until later or ignoring the problem is a catastrophic strategy.

Please note that you only have hired an attorney once there is an agreement that you will be represented, what the representation consists of, and what the cost of that representation will be. If you are uncertain, please ask as many questions as you need to clarify the situation.

If the summons was issued to a Corporation, you must hire an attorney to represent the corporation in any Court proceeding. If you appear in person on behalf of a corporation and you are the President or an employee, the Court will inform you that you must obtain private counsel and to appear on a future date. At this point, please note the date of the next Court appearance and immediately contact an attorney to represent the corporation. Make sure that the corporation and the attorney agree to work together and what the fees will be.

Proof of Repair
If you need to repair your vehicle, have it repaired within 24 hours and obtain proof to show to the Court. One repair facility that is licensed and experienced is FriendlyLong Beach Auto Center 410 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, New York 11561 (516-432-9575)

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